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Full Service Licensed Tree Experts Serving Baltimore, MD, and the Surrounding Communities.

A-1 Tree & Mulch is your tree removal, mulch, and firewood delivery expert. We offer affordable prices and expert services such as:

  • Removal of Dangerous Tree Limbs
  • Tree Trimming 
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Removal with Crane Service
  • Firewood Delivery
  • Mulch Delivery

Our services are affordably priced and backed by our expertise in tree care and tree removal. We offer a full-service approach that guarantees our customers satisfaction. If you need immediate service, call or text us at (443) 831-1280 for same-day service calls or to make an appointment. We’re honest, dependable, easy to work with, and prompt.

Expert Tree and Property Care

We understand that trees are an essential part of every landscape. We approach each tree trimming or removal as a unique challenge. Our team has the experience, tools, and training to safely trim or remove trees, even those trees that overhang your home.

We fully inform you of our plan of action, so you understand what we are doing and why.

Tree Removal with Crane Assistance

Keeping your home, landscaping, outbuildings, and fences intact during tree removal is a top priority. For dangerous tree limbs or complete tree removal where there is the potential of damage to your home, fence, outbuildings, or landscaping, we use a bucket truck or crane to remove the damaged tree or limbs in smaller pieces. The process remains affordable, and with our expertise, we safely remove the danger and risk of potential damage to your home, its roof, and windows. 

Crane Services

We provide crane rental services or tree removal to Baltimore, MD, and surrounding communities. Our services are affordable and suitable for tree removal and construction projects. We lift:

  • Trusses
  • Trees
  • AC Unit
  • And More

Our crane features:

  • 23-ton lifting capacity
  • 100-foot boom height
  • Truck mounted and Driveway friendly
  • Available 24/7 and for emergency services

Call or text today to schedule a rental or for emergency services — (443) 831-1280

Complete Tree Services Including Firewood and Mulch Delivery.

We recycle all of our job site-related tree debris. We make use of the trees we trim or remove. We deliver quality mulch and firewood year-round.



We deliver quality mulch and firewood year-round. The mulch we deliver comes from the trees we trim, so we have 100 percent control over the quality of the mulch material we sell. Call us for Mulch Pricing and Delivery Times.


Wood heat is a beautiful way to warm your home and your outdoor gatherings. We offer seasoned mixed firewood at reasonable prices and we deliver to Baltimore and the surrounding communities. Our mixed firewood consists of the following woods:  Oaks, Ash, Locust, Bikery, Cherry, Maple, Mulberry. Firewood delivery is available in the following quantities: 1/4 cord, ½ cord, 1 cord, and larger quantities.

Fully seasoned, cut 16- 18 inches in length, and ready to burn – our process is ecologically beneficial as we use the trees we remove. That process gives us 100 percent control over the quality and helps keep our prices reasonable for our customers.

Areas We Serve

A-1 Tree & Mulch is based in Baltimore County, Maryland, and provides quality and affordable tree care services to the greater Baltimore area communities. Our service route is within a 15-mile radius of Towson, Md. Call or text today for more information about our services, pricing, or to schedule a free estimate (443) 831-1280.

Do you need tree services, crane services, mulch or firewood?