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A-1 Tree & Mulch delivers firewood to Butcher’s Hill in East Baltimore

If you are looking for reasonably priced, seasoned wood for sale, our firewood delivery services in Baltimore can provide whatever you need. Our quarter cord bags include a mix of hardwoods, typically oak and maple. We usually consolidate firewood orders and set up a mutually convenient time for delivery. We also deliver firewood in the surrounding areas.

Our tree service split logs from the trees we fell, and season the firewood in ecologically innovative builder's bags that allow the logs to dry.

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Our firewood crackles!

Watching a fire dance on the hearth is a great way to spend a winter night. Benefits include:

 Energy savings on heating your home
  Having friends over to enjoy the fire and chat
 You'll get a workout stacking the firewood in your home or shed
  Have cats? They'll LOVE watching the flames eat through the logs
  Fragrant smells of maple and oak in your home and as you work outside